Aims and Scope

Komitet Nauk Filozoficznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk (The Committee on Philosophical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences) is a self-governing representation of scientists practicing philosophical disciplines.

The main goals of the Committee are:

  • integration of the Polish philosophical community,
  • increasing the level of scientific research in the field of philosophy and emphasizing the importance of scientific honesty,
  • increasing the level of philosophical education,
  • increasing the share of philosophy in education at various levels and in the public discourse,
  • establishing and maintaining scientific cooperation of Polish philosophers with philosophers from abroad and promoting Polish philosophical thought.

In order to achieve these goals, the Committee monitors: changes in the education system in Poland, the state of research in the field of philosophy and philosophical education, and evaluates trends in philosophical education and the social image of philosophy.

The specific tasks of the Committee include, among others:

  • considering important problems of the discipline of philosophy or related scientific disciplines,
  • organizing debates, discussions and scientific conferences for this purpose, as well as disseminating their results,
  • assessing the state and needs of the discipline of philosophy,
  • preparation of opinions, assessments, expert opinions and scientific forecasts,
  • cooperation with government bodies in the field of assessment of the state, level, research priorities and directions of development of the discipline of philosophy,
  • initiating research,
  • cooperation in the preparation of multidisciplinary scientific studies,
  • caring for a representative contribution of Polish science to the development of science in the world,
  • evaluation of scientific publications,
  • cooperation in supporting early stage scientists,
  • analysis and evaluation of curricula and speaking on matters related to the education of academic staff.

All activities of the Committee have been specified in detail in the Act on the Polish Academy of Sciences and in the statute of the Committee (both available in Polish only).